About us

Aeroblu is an upcoming footwear brand in the Indian market which has already created a niche for itself in overseas industries. Pioneered by the Adnani brothers, its core aim is to produce footwear that maximizes satisfaction, durability and comfort while making a fashion statement.

Mr. Murlidhar and Mr. Nandkishore Adnani have been a part of the footwear industry since the past 32 years. Their expansive knowledge and experience about footwear manufacturing, along with their passion and tenacity, has been invaluable for the growth of the company. Their hands-on approach to everything; from sourcing high-quality material, to bulk production planning, to maintaining consistency and standard in our products, is a winning recipe for success.

We strive to achieve these qualities at affordable prices by thoroughly understanding what our customers expect from us through a network of experienced marketing executives, distributors and retailers.

Mr. Rahul Adnani, Managing Director at Aeroblu, aspires to take forward his family’s legacy and aims to make Aeroblu a household name throughout the world. He has been diligent in his efforts to integrate innovation at the grass-root level of the organization, through research & development, management and marketing with a unique approach.

We work in technical collaboration with an Italian company – Verdi Fashion S.P.A. Thus, all our products reflect our high standards and ever-evolving craftsmanship built with the latest European technology.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Manufacturing, Supply & Export of all kinds of footwear.

Award for Excellent Export Performance (Second Place – Above Rs. 25 Crore, Non-Leather Footwear Category) in 2017.

Award for International Brand Creation for Aeroblu, Flois and Bcool (Non-Leather Footwear & Footwear Components Category) in 2016-17.

Our Values

Dynamic performance defines our core values. Our timely execution enables us to evolve and stay ahead of trends continually.

Consumer satisfaction through quality management, innovation and excellent customer service is paramount to our work ethics.

Production of a wide variety of hygienic and durable PU products is one of our primary goals.

We love playing by the rules; we hold ourselves accountable to our loyal customers and tackle their concerns to the best of our abilities.

It is our Corporate Social Responsibility to protect, sustain and enhance human & financial capital.

Our team of experienced and motivated individuals work as a family, diligently supporting our shared goals of empowering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our Strengths

We produce Polyester-based PU soles which are highly durable, and are further strengthened with the application of Robotic Spray. Moreover, we create our own chemical formulas for the soles so as to keep a strict check on our product’s durability and quality.

Flex tests conducted on our Polyester-based PU soles reveal that our footwear can be flexed up to 1 million times without breaking!

Our brands boast of an extensive assortment of soles in multiple colors, personalized to match our customers' needs.

We use PU/PVC-based Synthetic for our insoles and uppers to avoid hydrolysis.

We produce innovative and high quality footwear by importing more than half of our raw materials from various countries for our upper and insole production.

Major Milestones


Our products are manufactured in a modern infrastructure situated in Sachin - Surat. We have the latest imported equipment and a team of experts to run the production process smoothly. The automatic machines for cutting, molding, stitching and embroidery bring accuracy and finishing to our products, thereby maintaining high-quality standards. We honor all kinds of safety norms to ensure the well-being of our employees. Periodical training and new initiatives are a part of our routine.


We have increased our market share in the Indian market by establishing our depots in Delhi and Surat. This is furthered by ensuring guaranteed and timely delivery of our products to our valued consumers across the country so as to increase our brand presence within the national market.


We have set up our quality norms according to international standards, and have ensured that our technical assistants are maintaining the same criteria at Verdi Fashion S.P.A. We use state-of-the-art Italian technology to maintain the quality of light PU-sole products & keep them flexible, durable & comfortable.


We have been focused on our export trade from the beginning of our production cycle in 2013-14. And we’ve already managed to successfully establish ourselves as one of the leading footwear export enterprises, as per the certification provided to us by Star Export House, a prestigious benchmark for export performance in India.


Aeroblu, Bcool and Flois are our major brands of footwear. Under Aeroblu, we manufacture flexible and durable PU-sole based footwear. Under Bcool, we produce high quality EVA and fabrication footwear; and under Flois, we create cemented footwear for daily comfort & style.

Our Process


Daily development and use of latest engineering techniques have enabled us to craft quality products. Our collection caters to all types of feet with utmost comfort and flexibility.

Our global presence has helped us conduct in-depth research, meet our customers’ requirements and develop new ideas to refine our products towards the best. Each product passes through strict quality checks to ensure that only the best is what reaches our consumers.


Our products are made from fresh, hygienic and durable raw materials of Polyurethane, Synthetics, etc. They are available in a range of colors and unique designs to provide comfort and style.

We are well-equipped with the latest technology at every step of our footwear production and manufacturing process. Initially, we had started our production with two Italian machines to cater to the overseas market along with the launch of our products in India.

Boosted by the instant acceptance and popularity amongst our customers, we have increased our capacity, mold variety & designs which simultaneously led to an extension of our infrastructure and enterprise within a very short period. As of today, we own 7 European PU injection molding machines that are capable of producing more than 40,000 pairs a day.


At Aeroblu, we believe in using superior packaging material that ensures the health and durability of our product; something that our customers take pride in. Our warehouse and packaging units provide secure and safe storage of footwear. We have efficient depots in Delhi and Surat, which guarantee timely delivery of products across India and the world.

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